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Nicklaus helped make Watson, and Watson helped make Nicklaus. Poor Tiger. He's doing it all by himself. In the '94 Open at Turnberry, Watson might have won, but his putter was AWOL. On that Sunday night, deeply disappointed, Jack and Barbara and Tom and his wife at the time, Linda, had a big hotel dinner with "a couple bottles of wine," Watson was remembering after his Thursday 65. After dinner, the disappointed Watson and Big Jack went out and played the tiny par-3 course at Turnberry. It was about 11 p.m. when a security guard was going to chase them off. Telling the story, Watson put on his best Scottish accent and said, in the voice of the security guard, "Oh, Mr. Nicklaus — carry on." Good times.

Jack and Barbara — and Watson's current wife, Hilary — were there for the 2003 Senior British Open win, without the bottles of wine, at least for Tom, who doesn't drink these days. This year, it's Hilary and assorted friends. On the bag is Neil Oxman, who first encouraged Bruce Edwards to ask Tom Watson for work way back when in 1973. Watson's been saying the same thing for some years now: as you get older, the things you appreciate are not the things you do for yourself, but the things you do for and with family and real friends.


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